Ultra Soft Facial Tissue

Ultra Soft Facial Tissue


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Mumuso wipes make it easy to stay clean even when you’re traveling, cycling, running, camping, hiking or just daily life.
nLARGEST WIPE’S SIZE: Premium high-quality material can be used as facial wipes, makeup remover wipes or body wipes. Keeps even your most gentle parts fresh anytime, anywhere.
nALCOHOL-FREE: Perfect for all skin types, facial wipes are suitable even for sensitive skin. Our single wrapped wet wipes create a noticeably refreshing and clean feeling protecting your sensitive skin and giving you confidence all day long.
nMOST NATURAL WIPES: Unscented and alcohol-free makes our product one of the most natural wipes on the market. No harmful chemicals that would damage your sensitive skin. Face cleansing wipes, gentle on sensitive skin
nPremium Korean Beauty Care: Adult unscented wet wipes enriched with premium quality Korean moisturizer is gentle on the skin. Our premium cleansing flushable Wet Wipes keep you fresh wherever you are.

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