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Top 10 Makeup Brushes

Top 10 Makeup Brushes

Brushes are pretty much the essence of makeup. Either applying that perfect layer of foundation or going for a fleeky makeup look, all you need is a perfect brush! Specially, Beginners, the new Makeup lovers need perfect makeup brushes to slay all day!

Well, we’ve got your back! You can never go wrong with your application with Mumuso’s Blush brush. It’s soft and the perfect shape creates the most natural looking blush.  One need to own a couple of these as it makes makeup fun to do! Seriously!

If you want, the blush to be a bit stronger then using Mumuso’s Flat brush is the best option to choose. Instead of sweeping it, just pat it the blush on along the cheekbones. You can use the Blush brush to blend it out for a flawless skin look.

Our foundation brush is like airbrushing the skin when you apply foundation to look super airbrushed and flawless! It buffs out foundation so nicely and it is so easy to use, blends the foundation perfectly that you don’t have to worry about, it is that easy! You can even apply foundation with our Special Foundation brush and then blend it out with our beauty blender.

Mumuso’s powder brush is perfectly shape to hug the contours of your face and applies bronzer neatly. Use the rounded edge to get a nice and diffused look.

What’s more is Mumuso’s Mini Lip Brush is ideal for anyone who struggles to draw a clean, crisp line. It has a square tip, which makes defining your cupid’s bow a cinch, and the handle is specially shaped to ensure an easy grip. The angle makes it easy to define lips and fits on every curve!

Our Eyebrow comb is dual ended so you have two brushes in one! Its bristles are the perfect shape to create incredible hair like strokes and definition for brows, whether it be natural or defined. A spoolie on the back end, does the icing on cake! And gives you those fleeky brows!

Isn’t that AH-MAZING? Don’t blink! Grab them now!

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